Saturday, February 09, 2013

sore saturday

i've been dealing with spinal malfunction for a few days. the morning after renewing my commitment to core strengthening exercise, i found myself struck with the most intense lower back pain i've ever experienced. so bad that bending and sitting and standing are all excruciating. i can't seem to stand up straight, the upper and lower parts of my body are drifting in two different directions. a family practitioner took one look at my lower back and told me to see a chiropractor. i have an appointment set for monday and am hoping after some adjustments and stretching, this too shall pass.

i have to wonder what the lesson in all this is, especially after my last blog entry when i was meditating on the importance of being a well oiled machine. 

suffice it to say, i am feeling pretty crummy. it's difficult to do much of anything at a time when i would like to be doing a whole lot of something. it was difficult even to find inspiration in the corners of my home today, but i did try.

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