Monday, February 04, 2013

feast & fire

imbolc, the balance between winter solstice and spring equinox, occurred early sunday. 
we greeted it with feast & fire. 

i made bread from scratch and it actually turned out. my bread making is often an epic fail (unless using the bread machine), so this was gratifying. it is a recipe from the book circle round for a braided imbolc bread. it has tomato, herbs, and garlic in it, and is warm & delightful.

the ewes are said to begin lactating on imbolc so we celebrate all things milky to mark the occasion. 
i made a cheddar broccoli soup. the recipe is based on a soup that panera serves and is super tasty. 

and of course, one must have their mug of ale. i enjoyed a thick 
coffeehouse stout by williamsburg aleworks.

what is imbolc without a bonfire? we burned yard debris and our yule tree. 
it was a fine conflagration.

one of our traditions, also from circle round, is flaming bananas, or bananas a la brigid. 
saute sliced bananas in brown sugar and butter, pour on a little brandy, carefully light & enjoy! 
we like ours with ben & jerry's vanilla bean ice cream.

the spring is approaching. it is time to plan on the seeds you will plant ~
the seeds of life, the seeds of dreams. you can make it real with careful attention and nurturing. 
what good do you wish to grow? 
focus your intention as the flame flares up; burn away the unnecessary that bogs you down.


Deborah Hamouris said...

Zoe -- I so love these missives, these bits of photo albums, from your home. Love to the whole family -- djh

zoe krylova said...

Thank you so much DJ. I feel honored that you are reading. I would love to hear about your traditions on these special occasions! Much love to you and B!