Monday, February 25, 2013

mighty fine

i've been working a temp job on saturdays, and meeting with doula clients often on weekends, but this past weekend was uncommitted for the first time in quite a while. so i was able to spend some quality time with my peoples. in a blink, monday arrived. but there are some highlights to savor.

i found some organic blueberries on sale at the new fresh market. that store is full of tasty temptations. we had the blueberries on sunday morning with oatmeal pancakes, which are probably the best pancakes on earth.

tristan asked that i take this photo of him making a silly face.

he's picked up tashi's love of calvin and hobbes.  it's fun to hear him cackling at it.

on sunday afternoon we had a lovely hike and small picnic at chris greene lake. what a beautiful day! 

i didn't go too overboard on oscar dinner this year, but i did make shrimp and grits for the first time ever, a little nod to our louisiana hushpuppy. no matter what you think of beasts of the southern wild you can't deny her outstanding performance.

alas, it was a somewhat disappointing oscar ceremony. but the grits, the grits were mighty fine.

what was fine about your weekend?

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