Monday, February 11, 2013

mother daughter drama date

sunday afternoon tashi and i went to see a production of the winter's tale at our local community college. it was well acted, the set was minimal & classy, and the play, the play itself was magnificent! it was powerful, funny, gripping, romantic, and very well balanced. a fine way to spend an afternoon with my budding theater student.

(the above is a clever podium i saw in the hallway during intermission)

i wasn't sure i would make it through three hours of shakespeare with my aching back, but frankly, it was the shortest three hours i've had in a while. and it sure was nice to be out and doing something special with my girl. there needs to be a little more of that! she is so very patient as her little brother demands center stage at home, but our theater would collapse without her!

You gods, look down
And from your sacred vials pour your graces
Upon my daughter's head!
~ Hermione, The Winter's Tale

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