Friday, March 30, 2007

spring bed

it is such a happy thing to have tashi back home with us. she had a great time on her class trip, but was certainly ready to be home. she was bubbling with stories today as soon as she climbed off the bus. i feel like she's a year older. she brought home delicious gifts from the farm: a thick loaf of whole wheat sourdough bread, raw milk organic edamer cheese, and yogurt she helped to make. but the best gift was the letters she wrote to us each day. i can't believe how lucky we are to be blessed with this incredible child.

when she climbed the stairs to her bedroom she found her new bed cover.

and our new bed cover.

i found these cotton "quilts" at marshall's marked down from their usual markdown. charming, i thought. we usually pull our thick down comforters off our beds once the warm weather arrives, and use thin indian print bed covers instead. i thought these would be a nice change.

and so there you have it. it's time to spring into bed.

iris agrees.

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