Sunday, June 01, 2008

field trip and summer soon to follow

the "colonial" field trip with tashi's fourth grade class was really awesome. the weather was perfect, and ashlawn highland is a lovely place to pitch a tent. the kids had so much fun, with just a little drama here and there.

there were some interesting tours and demonstrations, a few great meals, and lots of laughter with fellow parents after the kids were settled in their tents.

i loved being amongst the farm animals: cows, sheep, chickens, two peahens and two * loud * peacocks.

i had a lot of fun taking photos, as evidenced here.

i can't believe we are entering the last week of school. the year seems to have gone more quickly than usual. i wish i could say we have some exciting plans for summer, but as usual dan and i are just trying to figure out how to juggle our two jobs with caring for tashi. she will be in a couple of art camps, and luckily our job schedules are pretty flexible.

did i mention that dan landed a new job? we are all pretty happy about it. the onset of his job hunt brought with it possibilities of having to move, but it looks like we'll be sticking around charlottesville for some time now.

my big hope for the summer is that we can fit in lots of weekend camping excursions. it is so incredibly lovely around here; we haven't really taken advantage of it yet.


suzanne said...

i was just saying the same thing (about camping) to kevin yesterday! let's go together!

Meadowlark Days said...

found you while surfing around - love that photo with the fence and sunlight on top!