Monday, June 23, 2008

sun in cancer

remember my little sheet mulch project? well I did actually plant a few babies. all seem to be taking remarkably well. i didn't do a single thing to the soil, aside from break it up a little and try to pull out as many grass roots as possible. keeping the grass at bay will be a constant battle.

i purchased some very sad plants at 75% off at lowes. i consider buying plants from lowes an act of mercy, even though i know the plants are far from organic. the poor things need to be rescued. so i purchased two foxgloves and three black eyed susans. all were very unhappy but they perked right up once planted and watered. they got a little fried in the humidity wave we had a couple weeks back, but they are holding on mostly. i also planted peppermint, lemon balm, fennel, comfrey, butterfly bush, borage, echinacea, lavender, nettle, nasturtium -- all organic baby plants from the farmer's market. i scattered sunflower seeds and echinacea seeds. the sunflowers are popping right up, but i'm not sure if the other is echinacea popping up, or a weed of some sort.

i've always loved borage flowers. they are edible and strong and magical. i once was served cold mint yogurt soup with borage flowers floating in it. yummerz. i want to plant other things in my little cottage garden, a mixture of tall flowers and a variety of herbs. things that will spread and reseed and return. shasta daisies. cosmos. snap dragons. rosemary. milkweed. it makes me so happy, even if i may have to say goodbye.

yesterday we drove around seeking for sale signs and scoping out addresses we found on real estate sites. most of the houses on our list got scratched off. too close to road. rotten yard. too prefab. neighboring house looks like a meth lab. etc.

we got caught in an amazing thunderstorm in batesville. we had to pull over because there was no visibility. there were some jolting flashes, jarring rumbles and then it started to hail. we decided to have our picnic in the car.

on saturday surfzilla played an acoustic appalachian surf set at beer run. i had a great catfish dinner and drank bourbon barrel stout. i saw john and molly and other friends and a couple of families that i was doula for. good fun indeed.

happy summer!


Patience_Crabstick said...

Buying Lowe's plants as a mission of mercy--I love it!

molly said...

I understand that Ech seeds are slow to germinate.

"Neighboring house looks like meth lab"... lol!

tifanie said...

your borage looks beautiful. i used to have some, but pulled it out because i had no idea what to do with it, but after reading your post, i've done some research and am completely inspired to plant more!

Michelle said...

Borage is my absolute favorite! Remember at one of our herb gatherings in Ann Arbor I did a little lesson on borage?! I don't have a garden right now, so I tried growing borage in a container pot, but it didn't make it. I'm close to the top of the list for a community garden spot, though!

xo Michelle