Monday, June 30, 2008

monday update

tashi and i venture out for brief spells in between eye drops and meals. yesterday we checked out the artisan market, where i purchased a pair of dangling earrings for tashi. she can't wait to put them on. afterwards we stopped at people's food co-op, my old workplace, and enjoyed a beverage at cafe verde.

i have driven by the old homeplace a couple of times, kind of like a stalker. above is the house we lived in from 2001 to 2005. the house sits at the edge of two magical acres and faces woodlands full of trails. tashi started preschool while living in that house. i trained to be a doula. tashi started grade school while living in that house, and lost her first teeth. dan landed a managerial position at a dot com while living in that house, after driving a cab for too long. i had four miscarriages in that house but also acquired our two cats. we had several notable parties in that house. in the yard is a pond that, every spring, became an orchestra of frogs. tashi built fairy huts in the woods, we took walks down to the huron river, loki got stuck in tall trees, and i planted herbs & flowers that continue to flourish.

i was happy to see my nettles and mugwort growing tall in the middle of the yard. it's not a great photo, but you can see them in the middle, in front of the wooden bench swing. i'm dying to take a walk around the place for a closer look.

tashi started off our week in ann arbor with a visit to dan's brother's family. her cousin will and her hit it off as if they'd never been apart. they baked a carrot cake from scratch, precariously perched on the table in the photo. it was half covered with coconut and half covered with walnuts and was incredibly delicious.

we've also been watching some movies. i watched the other boleyn girl, which was fascinating, and a visual feast. now i want to read the book. tashi and i watched mr. magorium's wonder emporium, which seemed kind of awkward and poorly executed, yet fun enough.

today my mother has an eye check up, so we'll see if progress is being made. perhaps tashi and i will sneak off for a dip in the lake later. tomorrow we are looking forward to seeing like water drum and dance at the top of the park summer festival. one of the dancers was a preschool teacher of tashi's.

and then on thursday we meet dan at a crazy family friendly music festival in ohio where there will be camping, swimming, and dancing to many bands, including george clinton and parliament/funkadelic!


Molly said...

Wow, your old place is magical. Hope you find another one to suit you here in VA.

John and I watched The Other Boleyn Girl this weekend too. It was pretty good, wasn't it. You guys should check out The Tudors if you haven't seen it. I loved it... A little racy though. Definitely PG 13.

Linda Diane Feldt said...

Sorry we couldn't connect this trip - but I hear you'll be back in a few months. I stopped through Top of the Park and looked for you, on the way to meeting my friend for dinner. It was too early.

But kayaking and canoing will be possible through November at least - so we can have some lake time at some point! Hope you got in a few swims, it is prime wonderful Michigan summer right now. I've spent most of my outdoor time this week picking black raspberries, mulberries, strawberries and service berries. A freezer getting full, and lots of great eating!
safe travels,
Linda Diane

Daniel said...

HI Z, D, and T- This post and pictures of Green things, Tashi, and cake were were very beautiful. It made my day. Thanks. - Love Danny

Ps Now I'll watch the Other Bolean girl too.