Wednesday, June 04, 2008

the sky is falling

wow, the storm hype around here is outta control.

there was a big one coming. as tashi and i ate our dinner and listened to the distant but distinct rounds of resonant rumbles, our excitement mounted. was this one actually going to hit us this time? indeed. the sheets of rain unfurled. there were a few big kablams! the sky even turned a tad green.

but it was time for jeopardy!

yes, we have one very tiny tv habit of late, and that habit is jeopardy. tashi even has her very own dance that she performs each time the final jeopardy tune plays.

but tonight jeopardy wasn't on. instead, the local news people were talking about the weather as if armageddon had hit. it's a thunder storm for goodness sake! maybe some branches fell somewhere. perhaps there was some hail.

what has the world come to when jeopardy is preempted for a summer thunder storm?

oh well. it sure helped to cool things down a bit. and the sound of thunder, once the sound of the tv hype was terminated, was oh so dramatic.

even the cats weren't concerned for long.

the loudest rumble was when dan came home and dropped my perfect sized glass storage bowl full of thenthuk on the kitchen tiles.

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