Tuesday, June 24, 2008

hangin' with ganesh

it's another self portrait at the twisted branch tea bazaar. i met dan here for lunch, and am now trying to stay awake until i have to pick up tashi. so i thought blogging might do it for me, though i haven't much to say. no, not much at all. for lunch i had the delicious pmt: pesto, mozzarella, tomato on foccacia. to drink: lemon licorice ice tea.

omg, someone is leaving and they have a whole salad left on their plate.

i purchased this book ages ago and almost immediately shelved it out of intimidation. for some reason this morning while walking to work it popped into my mind. i've got to sew a skirt. i must. this afternoon i'll pull it off the shelf before running off to the pool with tashi. i will leaf through it and make a decision. i will.

and that's all for now.

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