Saturday, June 28, 2008


i am in rainy ann arbor in my mother's wee flat, having a lesson in samsara.

tashi and i had a fun time in our roomette on the amtrak. there was some magnificent scenery between dc and pittsburgh. rivers and rolling countryside and barns and abandoned vw buses and horses and woods.

after coloring and music and silliness in our roomette, a decent dinner in the dining car and some time gazing out the floor-to-ceiling windows in the lounge, the attendant folded out our beds.

it was very cozy and the sway of the train was rather mesmerizing, unlike its horn which was blasted the entire way once night fell. i really did not sleep well because of it. we exited at toledo where the one hour wait for the ann arbor bus turned into four-and-a-half-hour wait. that was a real drag.

once we arrived in ann arbor and spent some time acquainting ourselves to the recovery situation of my mom, tashi and i, starving after our long morning, went out to have kibbehs for lunch. the greatest of coincidences wss that my dear friend laura called me from just around the corner. so she and her amazing little daughter -- sylvia -- joined us.

do you not want to gobble this child up?

lunch lead to an ice cream cone at washtenaw dairy and then errand running, which kept us away from my mom a little too long for her taste. and so i am now settling into her little flat and trying my best to be a good nurse.

tashi is running around with dan's brother's family, which is surely some good fun. i am preparing meals, applying eye drops, running errands and trying to keep my mom stationary as much as possible. aside from the fact that lying on your side 90% of the time really sucks, she's doing well. and i am grateful for the trees outside the window.

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Voom Voom Veda said...

the second photo of the baby is fantastic...
she is sweetness indeed!