Saturday, June 07, 2008

rising 5th grader and lots of random

it's noon and 93 degrees on this lovely saturday, with a heat index of 101. we installed the window units, and our house feels like a comfortable jet (the units are very loud). i have never been a fan of air conditioning, but now that i live in the south, it is all about survival.

tashi's last day of school was yesterday. she is now officially no longer a 4th grader. where did ten years go???

the above is a photo of tashi at seven months, sitting on my mom's lap. look at those sausage links for arms & legs. no wonder i was in such decent shape the first few years of her life. who needs to lift weights when they've got their very own midas baby?

after a performance and dismissal yesterday, there was a party for tashi's class at a classmate's pool.

fun was had by all, even the smallest.

this morning i made sure to arrive at the farmer's market by 7:30am, and even then i was sweating bullets. here are some market photos.

i am feeling better about summer. the window units help. i have stepped through the threshold of humidity shock, sunburn and razor rash. also, we joined the neighborhood pool. psych!!!!!

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