Wednesday, December 17, 2008

a few things

just thought i would check in, though i don't have much to report. here is a list of random snippets.

1. i've baked two kinds of cookies in excess: orange chocolate chip cookies (pure bliss) and molasses spice cookies (sensational). i still have to make the peppermint stick fudge and the butterballs (no one likes the butterballs but me * sigh *).

2. yesterday i went to marshall's and picked up a pile of gifts. the cashier bagged my stuff as i handed it to her, and after taking my check she simply disappeared. my check was still sitting on the register and she hadn't given me my receipt yet. i waited for some time and then called to the neighboring cashier who completed my transaction. when i told dan about it, he said, "was your cashier kristin wiig?" this made me cry with laughter. you will know why if you've seen the saturday night live target lady skits. not the best example, but watch. when i got home two of my items were not in the bag. i had to go back there today, where luckily they had them at the customer service desk.

3. for two days in a row the garbage company that said they would pick up our trash, has not. you have to make special arrangements out here in the countryside. we are also still waiting for them to deliver our dumpster. totally annoying. our new neighbors probably hate us for leaving a pile of bags on the side of the road, and any time now, the bears are going to come. if not the bears, then hershey, our neighbor dog.

4. we are having a solstice gathering and i have soooooo much to do yet.

5. we are going to spend the week after christmas in wisconsin.

6. after feeling so horribly fragile for months, i'm finally getting into an exercise routine, doing yoga every evening, and walking more.

7. i made a string tree. tashi's is better but i only have a photo of mine right now. check out the crafty crow for awesome holiday crafts.

8. i'm feeling my baby move, a lot. yippee.

9. i really like classical and choral music at this time of year, even if they are singing about jesus and i'm a buddhist pagan hindu mish mosh.

10. to me, the son is the sun.

i hope you are having a calmish week of sorts.


Sondra said...

As an "old Crone" I recommend this book, if you haven't already read it you might enjoy.
Congratulations on the new one.

Birthing from Within: An Extra-Ordinary Guide to Childbirth Preparation more books like this

by Pam England, Rob Horowitz

I really enjoy your musings.

zoe krylova said...

i have that book and have read sections of it. a good one indeed. i've also taken a short birthing within class, and saw the film. thanks for enjoying the musings!

tifanie said...

boy, you are doing a. lot. of. stuff. i'm incredibly impressed! and the butterballs, sound marvelously tempting to me, so i hope you'll post some recipes or at least photos. i have been making many things, but not in the kitchen. sigh. too hard to do it all. so i bask in your cookie making photos and plan my own cooking adventure... after the holidays. blessings and happy solstice!

song of the selkie said...

"buddhist pagan hindu mish mosh"

me too.

now on to rum sauce for the capirotada...

(mexican bread pudding)

*the sun is dancing*

that reminds me, my mom listened to astrud gilberto a lot while i was wombinating and i have such affection for brazilian music to this day...