Sunday, December 14, 2008

how it is

today has been one of those days.

first i ran a laundry cycle in its entirety but forgot to put the clothes in.

then tashi woke up and proceeded to be upset because dan had left without waking her (he is gone for just one night in dc).

she was further aggravated when, after asking for an omelet, i accidentally made her scrambled eggs.

now she is in a real temper because she's got a book report due tomorrow, but of course waited until the last minute to do it, despite our urgings and reminders.

so it is grumpy around here and i feel the weight of the book report deadline just as heavily as she does.

i think we will go out soon to visit our horse friend up the road. in the mean time, here are some highlights from our week.

tashi really wanted a small tree in her room, so for the sake of instant gratification, i encouraged her to assemble a tinker tree

i am still spending great spans of time moving objects from one part of the house to another, trying to get things set up just so. i had the pleasure of hanging some pictures this week, though i've got many more to go (and several to frame. oh for those special pictures that have been sitting unframed in tubes for months, even years).

we worked at the holiday market yesterday, selling handmade things that parents and children of the waldorf school fifth grade created. there were beeswax luminaries, marbleized cards, beaded bracelets, daffodil bags, knitting needle holders, cloth gift wrap, kite paper stars and lace ornaments. i could definitely see enjoying a life of craft fairs. it was a slow day though, and we were situated in the shadow of the transit building, which meant no sun and numb extremities.

we are eagerly anticipating solstice. and you?

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Laura_M said...

Tashi's tinkertree is da bomb!

Yes to solstice! Yes to light!

Wish I could get my hands on a beeswax luminairie; maybe I'll make one?