Monday, December 29, 2008

thus commences a week in milwaukee

just a quick note to let you all know we are safe and snug in milwaukee, wisconsin. we drove the whole way on saturday, though we had originally planned to stop for the night. it was a great drive until we hit a huge rain storm north of indianapolis. it sort of went downhill from there, but we managed, and we arrived, oh so late though it was.

we hit the ground running on sunday, with a gift exchange and lunch at nanna & grandpa's, ice skating in downtown milwaukee (i watched from the very crowded starbuck's), and a gathering of the tribe for a delicious lasagne dinner at dan's sister barb's house.

today the flurry of activity will continue, but i am enjoying a restful morning uploading photos and catching up on blogland. not sure how often i will post this week, but i will continue to upload to my flickr set.

may it be wonderful!

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Valerie 007 said...

Enjoy your visit and the snow. I can't image riding in a car that long being pregnant!