Monday, December 22, 2008

the other side of solstice

it was a lovely weekend, the gloomy weather breaking into sunshine on solstice sunday.

saturday was very busy leading up to our party, and then people arrived with dishes of delicious food, bottles of ever tempting wine and beer, beautiful smelling soaps & candles. as is usual when one is hosting a gathering, i felt like i didn't talk with nearly enough people or for long enough.

i really enjoyed it when an acoustic jam of sorts broke out, adding to the festive vibe. eventually it lead to the amps being plugged in and the volume reaching its limit for one whose sensitivities are somewhat heightened in pregnancy. no one else seemed to mind (including the neighbors), which is all that really counts i suppose. the kids were having a blast skidding around in their socks, and little 15 month old evie was no longer frightened of dan once he had a bass in his hands.

i think this was the first time we've hosted a party where there was food left over. dan, tashi and i had a lunch buffet on sunday of salsa, guacamole, chips, sliced baguette, summer sausage, cheese spread, clementines and a multitude of desserts.

john and molly, who hadn't been feeling well the day of the party, joined us on sunday for a dinner buffet of more left overs: roasted root veggies, delicious pasta salad, petite tuna sandwiches, brie, bread dipped in gourmet olive oil, and more chips, salsa, guacamole. followed by cookies of course, and fudge, and chocolate cake. tonight we'll be having left over dal, rice and coriander chutney. and i will continue to have to battle the urge to drink that frothy, dark bell's stout tucked in the frig!

on solstice sunday we took a small walk in the brittle afternoon and fed our horse friend some banana muffins.

and before bed we lit our floating candles, a tradition for us on solstice. we cast our wishes, some silently, some out loud, and included a candle for the baby.

i suppose i should have followed tradition and stayed up all night on solstice. as it was, i woke at about 4:30am and couldn't get back to sleep. so i came into the living room and spent some time by the tree, until my vision blurred and i fell back to sleep on the couch, with the cats nearby.

as our days brighten, so may the prospect of peace, prosperity and planetary healing.

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song of the selkie said...

i was so thinking about you on solspice (heehee!). we put up the lava lamp and polished off a big plate of tamales, washed 'er down with modelo and listened to this beautiful music while we cruised town to see the xmas lights:

(you might have to copy & paste that)

please email me your new address so i can send a little gifty!