Friday, December 26, 2008

merry tired

i hope you all had a wonderful christmas. ours was quite nice.

thankfully, we awoke at the extremely sane hour of 8am (not like one year when tashi came to call at 4:30am). this, followed by tashi wanting to have breakfast before opening presents, made for a relaxed morning that wasn't marred by hunger and fatigue. our neighbor had gifted us with a lovely loaf of christmas bread and a couple of grapefruits, which made for an excellent and expedient meal.

the gift session followed, and there were many splendors. tashi received the top two items on her list, a ukulele and the american girl doll, julie. dan generously gifted me with a photo printer! and for dan, a hard case for his new acoustic bass. all this and much more to touch, smell, try on for size and adore.

one of the most relaxed moments of the day followed the gift extravaganza when we all sat down together and quietly leafed through our new books. soon dan was asleep on the couch, tashi was giggling at her new calvin and hobbes collection, and i was jumping up to prepare the sacrificial leg of lamb. the feast was quite delicious, indeed.

luna decided to claim tashi's new bean bag chair as her own.

loki decided to enjoy the beautiful mild weather.

later in the day we went for a walk, where i came upon these sites.

a cicada shell:

milkweed in sunlight:

a favorite house:

horse friend at sunset:

and the sunset, oh the glorious sunset:

we also visited a cemetary where there were some very old gravestones and lots of old, decrepit plastic flowers. i'll share those photos another time.

tomorrow we drive to wisconsin and a week long visit to dan's family. dan is loading the car now, as i make this post before packing away the laptop. i am very tired from christmas preparations leading into roadtrip preparations, but i suppose i will have a lot of time to relax in the car. surely i will find a way to pop in from the land of snow and cheese. in the mean time, have a wonderful weekend! i leave you with this photo of my belly, in its 23rd week.


Valerie 007 said...

Safe travels and a pleasant visit

Waldo said...

I might be confusing things, but I believe that log cabin was reconstructed on that spot in Earlysville when I was a kid. (More than half a lifetime ago I lived about three minutes' drive down the road from there, towards Free Union.) I really like that house, too.

song of the selkie said...

i like the reflection in that silver ornament. i narrowly escaped the yearly christmas caravan to mexico (fourteen hours not counting customs/paperwork). just too tired after the long haul by car to virginia and back, twenty hours! freddie let me stay home and do my domestic divinations. thank goddesses!