Monday, December 08, 2008

finding our tree

we went to a tree farm yesterday to cut down the sacrificial yule tree. this was a different farm than the one we'd visited the past couple of years, but it was closer to our new residence. it was a lovely drive on a bitterly cold day.

the trees were either short and fat, short and spindly or tall with limp branches. but we found a scotch pine that seemed to speak to all three of us.

so dan chopped the poor fellow down and we spent some time with its severed stump before he heaved it off to get it "shrink wrapped."

there were some farm animals to visit, including this pregnant sheep named stella.

and then we drove off into the great virginia countryside.

when we got home we struggled with getting the tree to fit into the stand. it had several low branches that when removed left some gaping holes in the tree. but we managed, and then we dressed it up in its finery. dan suffered a terrible headache during it all; i thought that perhaps the tree was having its revenge.

but i think it's getting used to being dressed up, and having cats bat at its spangles.

and i am loving the lights, the green, the ornaments that, as tashi said, are almost as fun to unwrap as christmas presents.

hold onto the light in these darkening days. it is where hope is born.


Maria said...

It's beautiful! We had a great time putting our yule tree up this weekend also! It's our first as a family. We've not had house space for it until now. So, it was a really sweet weekend!

angelictenderbutton said...

pretty tree!