Wednesday, February 25, 2009

does nesting = urge to sew

today i ordered two books from amazon that i'm looking forward to receiving, sweet booties, which is full baby stuff to sew, and softies only a mother could love, because it looks so totally fun.

i am not quite there with the knitting know-how. and since my little fella is going to be born in the virginia springtime quick to turn into roasty summer, knit stuff isn't first on the list. i also still have many adorable things that my mother once knit for a baby tashi.

right now, sewing sounds good to me. why has it taken me so long to get to this place where i want to sew things for the little mister?

i came home from work today wanting to sew. but so many of my fabrics are extremely feminine. why is that? even the vintage stuff. and while i have been waiting for the day i'd make my own boy a bend the rules blanket out of a sweet owl flannel i picked up a while ago, i didn't have a chenille piece big enough for the backing to make it today.

so i pulled out the star & moon fabric i've had for a while, and made a bib. a simple little bib. i was really pleased with how quickly i found i could make it. just enough sewing to soothe the urge, and plenty of time left to go out and enjoy the bonfire a neighbor had going. these bibs are great for practicing sewing around curves too.

and so there it is, my first homemade item for my own baby. i've made bibs and blankets for other people's babies over the last couple of years. but now the time has come for mine!

cosmic cotton on the front:

soft cotton chenille on the back:

and so hopefully there will much more of that. if my arms can continue to reach past my belly to the sewing machine, that is. i can't believe how * big * i'm feeling. and i'm a little afraid of how much bigger i might get. two months seems close, and ever so far. i can barely bend over these days! speaking of, time for some yoga, and then, bed.


Maria said...

That little bib is so cute! I wish I was a better sewer, but sitting down at the sewing machine always ends up making me frustrated :-)
Adorable bib!!

Laura_M said...

Where do you find your fantastic flannels?

zoe krylova said...

Maria, I admire your knitting skills. I have not made it past the scarf stage. I always put knitting down, and then forget how to do it when i pick it back up. But I hope to do more knitting in the coming year.

Laura, believe it or not, I've found most of my flannels at Jo-Ann Fabric. I just always have coupons for the place, so being a cheapskate, I go there. There are amazing, unique and probably much better quality fabrics through indie sellers online. But I always get overwhelmed, both by price and selection. Also, I always scope out sheets at the thrift stores. I've found some really fun vintage sheets and pillow cases that are waiting to turn into something!