Sunday, February 22, 2009

signs of spring

is raking considered good prenatal exercise? i'm hoping so.

yesterday before dan and i took our walk i noticed crocuses and snowdrops blossoming at the edges of the yard, popping through a blanket of dead of leaves. since then i've been consumed by the urgent need to rake.

we moved here when autumn was well on its way, and since setting up our indoor world was a priority, the outdoor world was somewhat neglected. it's a big yard, and the leaf accumulation is rather overwhelming. some raking happened here and there, but much of the leaves got pushed to the edge of the yard, where the forest begins, where so many bulbs are now popping up. thus my urgency to clear the way for what's to come.

i was told that the original owner of this house was a master gardener. i think her landscaping has been neglected for years, but bulbs will always return. i am so excited to see the world spring into a feast of colors.

and the flowers are just a fragment of it. there are ornamental trees and shrubs all around us. it will surely be season of surprises.

i would like to have an herb/vegetable garden too. i'm not so sure i'll manage to get that started this year, with the baby coming. being our first year at this residence, i'd like to observe what grows on its own, before i start adding to it.

while i wouldn't complain if there was just one more great snowfall, the signs of spring are filling me with wonder and anticipation. miracles will continue to appear all around us.


Valerie 007 said...

Its hard to imagine spring in Bradford with yet another winter storm warning in effect today. The crocus are like the appetizer for the summer feast to come. Enjoy!

tifanie said...

so beautiful zoe. nice photos. i wish i could make crocus bloom through my sidewalk! i think an herb garden would be nice. let tashi plant it! she'll be such a great helper with everything, i'm sure. be well.