Friday, February 06, 2009

today's tour

i've been fighting a cold all week and woke up at 4am this morning with a flaming sore throat. so it looks like today will be a day of naps, slippery elm tea, cough drops and reading. there is an all school musical performance tonight, so i have to in the least get myself into a state where i can comfortably attend.

in the mean time, how about a little show and tell.

some fellow-parents from the waldorf school have passed on this hand made cherry wood cradle for us to borrow. we are co-sleepers, but it may be a lovely napping spot for the wee one. carved underneath are the names of about a half dozen babies that have used it prior to ours. it is really lovely, and the cats think so too. they fight over it.

this morning, loki wins.

below are a batch of steve keene paintings i carted home for our family over the holidays. once a charlottesville resident, he had an exhibit at the second street gallery. you can read a bit about his process here and here. he basically makes boatloads of paintings, many with random text included, and sells them for affordable prices. the paintings at the second street gallery were $10 or $15 each.

this one was for me, a nod to sonic youth.

and for dan, this neil young tribute.

mischievous fairies for tashi.

a piece for our house.

and another.

here is a pleasing music video of steve keene painting a pretty girl.

i really do love the idea of affordable art!

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song of the selkie said...

very cool stuff, for some reason his paintings make me think of german beer labels... weird.

i found a big crazy painting of guitar frets on acid at the goodwill and i am sewing it into bright green fiber floor mat to make a wall hanging in the dining room all to the tune of $10!

loki won huh? he sure sounds a lot like kaccv (the orange marauder, speeding ball of amber, the honey colored blur, the apricot heist, the peach zapperbot, thunder paws strikes again, etc, etc). i love the way he just blends in with all the wood furnishings, that is pretty neat.

i have such a time getting the slippery down, i have to pour half the honey pot in! hope you feel better soon. maybe dan will take some snapshots at the musical?