Monday, February 23, 2009

lunchblog update

having a bit of a lunch break here at the workplace, and pondering.

feeling a lack of creativity in my life, and wanting to change that.

sure, i have been creating a baby within, but some of that process should feed into that which i create on the outside. there has been a lack of poetry, a lack of working with my hands.

so i think i will fall back to a prior poem series. and i would like to resume my short lived collage-a-week activity. this means, moving all my collage materials into the house: boxes and boxes of magazines and odd books that have been sitting in the garage since we moved in october. it will be a good thing to do before baby arrives, so that all those magazines are at my fingertips during nap times when i just may want to do a little cutting and pasting!

that is what i have been pondering, while eating this messy burrito, dropping beans and rice into my keyboard.

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angelictenderbutton said...

sometimes there is nothing to express, the intake period is VERY much a part of being creative!

inspiration is like a fever, it catches u up in it & not the other way around :)