Monday, February 02, 2009

superbowl party for three

i'm not much of a football person. i find it a brutal and somewhat boring sport, what with all those starts and stops and big men piling on top of each other over and over again. the sonic quality of a room when there is a football game on tv usually makes me retreat. but reconnecting with old high school friends on facebook reminds me of when the steelers were the bomb. and so i found myself in the spirit yesterday. maybe it's the little boy testosterone in my body!

so dan, tashi and i had a little superbowl party of our own. i made a tasty vat of chili, served topped with yogurt and cheese. we had fresh baked bread. guacamole. salsa. chips.

and cupcakes for dessert.

any excuse for a celebration!

and it was fun, watching the game. and exciting. but i still don't really get it.


Laura_M said...

girl, you get's all about the FOOD!

zoe krylova said...

oh. . . yea! that's it! my outlook on the superbowl has changed permanently!

Erika said...

Zoe, I have in recent years found a sneaky Steelers fandom encroaching on my brain...what's happening to me? Must be my family roots--my aunts in Pittsburgh are rabid fans.