Sunday, February 15, 2009

fishing for connectivity

our dsl at home is out once again.

you can pretty much guarantee when there is a picture of part of my face in a blog entry, it's because i'm at a cafe and using photo booth to provide the visual image. i can't seem to make an entry any more without at least one photo.

dan and tashi are at a play that one of tashi's classmates is in. as much as i would have enjoyed it, i didn't feel up to sitting in crowded bleachers for two hours with my swollen ankles and sore back. i was hoping to avoid edema this pregnancy, but woke up on friday with sudden gigantic ankle onset syndrome. i have increased my liquid intake, taken a few epsom salt baths, elevated my legs, engaged in a good yoga session, took a great three mile walk yesterday, and have been drinking nettle infusion. the swelling has definitely decreased, but it's something i'll need to be pro-active about throughout the remainder of this pregnancy i think.

the necklace i am wearing is from my brother-in-law. it is a tibetan dorje/phurba combo, and has some beads of stone, silver and bone. he is always a great one to be matched up with in the haig christmas present exchange, as he often chooses awesome hand crafted jewelery from a neighborhood gallery, art and soul. along with the necklace, he gifted me with charming silver earrings of a cat playing with a ball of wool, topped with stone of citrine. thanks dan!

aha, they have returned, so i will sign off!

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