Sunday, March 25, 2007

tashi's great adventure

today we arose at 5:30am, ate french toast for breakfast and drove tashi up to school with her bags packed. she and her third grade class are going to hawthorne valley farm in upstate new york until friday!

she said goodbye to us and to iris.

loaded her stuff onto a big shiny bus.

and rode off into the sunrise.

om mani padme hum. may she be safe from harm. may she have a whole lot of fun.


buddhist mama said...

where is tashi going? hey, thanks for the link, i'm still working on my section for those links.

kind of cool that we both have daughters named tashi. i read your profile and saw that you spent a year in india with tashi and dan. we are just finishing up a year's sabbatical in india with my twins, tashi and krishan (her name means luck and his name is a version, of krishna, god of love, so i like to say they are luck and love).

keep blogging...

zoe krylova said...

hi! a friend of mine who is currently writing her dissertation in tibetan buddhism told me about your blog. fascinating! i can't wait to read more.

my daughter and her third grade class are off to a biodynamic farm in upstate new york until friday!