Sunday, March 18, 2007

march on the pentagon

yesterday, dan, tashi and i joined the march on the pentagon.

it couldn't have been a colder day, but we bundled up in our layers and joined the thousands who came out to oppose this atrocious war.

we're entering the fifth year of this war, can you believe it?

during the march an anti peace protester looked at tashi and said, "i'm sorry you have to see this." as if seeing a nation's complacency and support of a mislead war would be better?

everyone is up in arms about suicide bombers while america's part in this war is nothing other than slow suicide.

may we all join together to reclaim the life of our planet and all who inhabit it.

this morning i dowloaded all the photos, which can be viewed here.

peace out.


tifanie said...

I wish I could've been there with you. It's wonderful that you brought Tashi. What did she make of it? I can't believe it's been five years. Horrifying. Thank you for sharing all those photos.


zoe krylova said...

On our way to the march Tashi was dreading it a little, knowing that there would be a lot of walking involved. But once there I think she enjoyed the drums, the people in costume, the giant red demon and the good spirit of it all. She brought some bubble fluid and people loved it when she pulled it out and made bubbles. Plus she got to ride on Daddy's shoulders. A lot. Getting back to our car was a bit of an exhausting (and cold) ordeal, but we all survived with little complaint. There were actually lots of kids there, of all ages.

Aurora said...

Fantastic pictures! Every little bit helps.