Friday, March 23, 2007

a touch of spring

it's a lunchblog update.

i've spent much of it trying to figure out how to post a photo directly from flickr. looks like i might have some success here.

today's lunch is salad and a hamburger. yes, that's what i said. and today is friday. yay for friday.

on sunday tashi is going away on a bus with her class and her teacher to upsate new york. oh my god! every year at the charlottesville waldorf school, the third graders take a big trip to hawthorne valley farm in ghent, ny, a bio-dynamic farm where they camp for a week! i didn't really start getting nervous until last night, when we were gathering up her things to pack. i miss her already! she is very excited and ready for this experience. but i'm not sure if i am. funny how that is. at the same time, i'm hoping dan and i can take advantage of the time alone together and actually go to the cinema and perhaps see a band and maybe go out to dinner. imagine that.

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