Saturday, March 24, 2007

what she brings home from school

tashi came home yesterday with this project she'd completed in handwork class. i'm in awe.

i grew up with a mom who knit profusely, though she did not crochet or sew. she was a single mom who worked full time (and more) and managed a business. it was a happy thing when she was actually at home with me, but she had a relationship with her knitting. i don't know how many times i would try to talk to her as a child, and she would "shush" me because she was "counting stitches."

i tried knitting when i was about tashi's age. i could do it and all, but, not only was i impatient, i think i felt resentment toward the craft because my mother was so often absorbed by it.

my mother continues to make amazing sweaters and hats. and my daughter has been knitting since kindergarten. when tashi was learning how to knit she would ask me to help her cast on or fix a dropped stitch. i didn't know how to help. it broke my heart.

and now she crochets.

for the first time since i was tashi's age i'd like to learn how to knit again. i found some instructions in a martha stewart magazine. perhaps i'll give it a try this week while tashi is away, so i don't have to ask her to "shush."


Aurora said...

Wow! What a beautiful piece of crochet! I can't crochet, but I'd like to learn.

Sharing craft with your children is a precious gift...good luck with the knitting, I taught myself too...above all, patience : )

Britt Bravo said...


Molly said...

Zoe! I love to knit. I'll teach you!

angharad said...

I worry about my relationship with my knitting and my kids. "Let me just finish this row," is the phrase that makes Oliver roll his eyes. Tabitha will claw my knitting out of the way to get into my lap. But it's worse sometimes when I'm on the computer. HArder to justify and harder to pull away from (Oliver is waiting for me right now!).