Friday, March 09, 2007

a friday full of pretty things

this week was spring break at uva and employees were kindly given today off.

i was able to rise from bed this morning and instead of joining tashi and dan in our mutual frenzy to eat, shower, dress and be out the door within 30 minutes, i was able to bake and serve oven pancakes, pepare tashi's lunch box without brushing my teeth at the same time, and then go about doing quiet things around the house once they had departed. i blogged in my pj's and showered once the hot water had fully returned to the tank. it felt so sane.

once dan returned from taking tashi to school, we drank espresso at higher grounds while listening to the smart barrista and his customers have political debates. i guess the barrista thought we were nice because he gave us a giant chocolate chip cookie for free. i can't eat cookies that early in the morning, but dan enjoyed it.

after dan went to work (poor boy chose to work even though it could have been a day off for him too), and after i picked up a few fun (!) used cd's at plan 9 music, i went to an upscale shop called verity blue. dan and his band played at a private party the owners threw, and in return were given gift certificates. dan gave me the gift certificate, and even though for the most part it was just a chip off the prices of most things, i was able to cover the cost of these nice deruta italian "blue arabic" ceramic items which were marked down.

i guess the oil & vinegar set is missing its little tray and the sugar bowl is missing its creamer. but for free, i can't complain.

after that excursion i went to the downtown mall to seek out pregnancy and childbirth books in the used bookstores. why? because i am resuming my roll as a doula and i want to broaden my library. i also picked up a couple of beautiful flax linen garments at a shop that had marked down many items. mmmmm flax linen. so soft. so sturdy. so affordable, when marked down by 70%!!!!!!!!

after a delicious lunch at himalayan fusion, a drove up toward the lovely blue ridge to pick up tashi from school. i saw horses and cows and pretty plantations.

i never pick up tashi from school any more. she is in after care two days a week, and usually dan picks her up while i race home to start dinner. another two days she rides down with friends, and on friday she is picked up at 2:30 dismissal by dan.

i was so happy today to be able to pick up my girl from school, to see the other moms picking up their children, to talk to tashi's teacher and some of her little pals, to experience the bustle and excitement of the schoolyard, to ride back down the hill with tashi while she told me about her day.

being an 8am to 5pm (often 6pm) office working mom was never my ideal. i am approaching my one year anniversary at my administrative job. it makes time pass in a frightening puff of things lost and gained.

but today time stood still as i breathed in the spring air beside the schoolhouse and recalled the magic of being there for my child at the ring of the bell.

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