Friday, March 09, 2007

my world of sloppy stitchery

this is a little purse i made a while back. it's the first bag i've ever sewn. i didn't follow a set of instructions, just my own whim. the front pocket is made from a little mirror purse i picked up in india. the rest of it is a pair of dan's old jeans. i may line the outer top rim with some ribbon to cover the messy stitching. oh dear and look where i put the handles. i wasn't even thinking! but it's kinda cute. just a little.
i do love the inside pocket which is a jeans pocket. dan's pocket. and no, it's not actually falling apart there on the left side. i just didn't sew that little part.

i like this outer back pocket because it's a great place to slip your sunglasses. oh dear, i can't believe i'm showing you this.

one of the best aspects of this purse is the little mirror reflections it sends all over the room.

sparkles sometime outshine sloppy stitchery.

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