Thursday, March 01, 2007

seasonal fun(k)

i picked up these earrings recently at a fun little store in downtown charlottesville called cha cha's. the store is full of 1950's kitsch, sparkling accessories, chandeliers made from small dolls, buddha alarm clocks, gnome lights, melamine dinner ware and anti republican sentiments.

cha cha's had an awesome 50% off sale recently and i picked up some jewels. the photo is a bit blurry but it still lifts my spirits which want to sink.

i have a tickle in my throat and a sniffle in my nose and i'm absolutely exhausted. today was damp and cold and i think it may have got the better of me. i just poured some boiling water on to a heap of nettles in a quart jar so that it may infuse all night long while i sleep (soon). tomorrow i will begin to fortify myself against the change of seasons.

i do look forward to the season of open doors and windows, but fear our transition may be turbulent. here's to spring showers followed by warm sunny days.

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tifanie said...

Those earrings are fantastic, that store sounds amazing and the nettles are sounding really good to me too, right about now. Cheers :)