Thursday, May 15, 2008

angel brew

last night i went to magical molly's house and -- is if a transit reading wasn't enough -- she gave me a couple of angelica stalks from her herbal garden. angelica was my first email name. it was a card i picked randomly from the herbal tarot leading to many years of here are the stalks next to the broom dan and i jumped over at our wedding.

molly also gave me a recipe for a cordial, which tashi and i set up tonight. tashi helped to cut the stalks and was very happy about it indeed. she has been playing endlessly with onion grass in the yard, so i think enjoyed a new plant to tinker with.

look at this funky vein we found in one of the stalks.

so tashi and i half filled a too large jar with stalks and then poured the brandy in. it will sit for a month before we decant it. angelica is particularly good for digestion. i could have used some tonight, after eating lentils for dinner.

herbal friends in the audience, does it matter that the jar is not full? will the oxygen in the jar cause some sort of wrong reaction? does it look like there is too much brandy? i didn't really follow the measurements in the recipe, which called for 10oz angelica stalk and 20oz brandy. i just winged it, like an angel!


Patience_Crabstick said...

The flowers remind me of dill. I hope it turns out.

Laura_M said...

Beautiful! I wouldn't worry about the less than full jar, perhaps you could tamp down the stalks now and then to ensure that they remain alcohol-soaked.

I made hawthorn berry brandy with a not-full jar and it turned out fine; the berries hung out on the bottom. Very tasty.

Carolina said...

I've done this kind of "potions" before and never had a problem because the jar was not full - did you sterilize the jar first? it's very important step.

Just remember to shake them a little every day and keep them away from direct light and/or heat.

Maria said...

Mmmmm, that looks yummy.
The air at the top shouldn't be a problem. It is more of an issue when working with oils, but your brew should be just fine.