Monday, May 05, 2008

pow! goes the ivy

when dan arrives home from work, tashi exclaims "pow!" as soon as he walks through the door. he yells back, "you got me!"

this has become tradition.

pow being a play on pa, you see.

so when i was trying to think of some way i could surprise dan on his return from india, i decided to make him a pow garland. it is a challenge, coming up with something handmade for a man, especially when you have not yet dared sew or knit clothing or bags. so the pow garland will have to do. it is actually very satisfying making your own cloth garland. oh the possibilities. the instructions are in amanda soule's, the creative family.

today, after the first poison ivy tracks of the season appeared on my inner arm, i went out there like a savage and lobbed a fraction of the beasties down. there are knee high stands of poison ivy along the edges of our yard. i felt like poison ivy dust motes were flying all around me and entering my orifices. now i am afraid my throat will close and i will die in my sleep. or i will wake up blind.


patrice said...

Did he love it!?
I love the way it looks.

zoe krylova said...

thank you! he was quite pleased. though i think he is only half here (a quarter in the land of jetlag and another quarter still in india).

Patience_Crabstick said...

It's very pretty.