Monday, May 05, 2008

we interrupt the poems for this important announcement

the hubster is back! after two weeks of heat, food poisoning, meetings and strolls in dharamsala, india, he has returned to us and our little blue house. i posted all his photos yesterday and they can be found here.

what have tashi and i been doing for two weeks? there have been birthday parties, movies, a dinner outing or two, some crafting, some reading, rained out or completely missed baseball games (i'm not a good baseball mom), farmer's markets, homework, a parade, some thrifting, a couple of stops at the ice cream shop, and the dogwood festival (as evidenced in the above small film of tashi and her friend on the rides). carnivals are so gaudy they are beautiful!

i hope to continue with the poems, but probably intermittently as i want to keep up my posts about our ho-hum lives too. happy monday to all!

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