Friday, May 16, 2008

thrift thursday (a day late)

yesterday i stopped by the spca thrift store which definitely is in the lead for kitschy finds. it is fun but a little sad to see the cats when you first enter the store. they are in cages, but a happy thought is that they are set free to roam the store at closing time.

i scored four vintage atomic snowflake bowls. i'm a sucker for the 50's atomic patterns.

and these cute cups. i like how they stack.

a whole bunch of wrapping paper for a buck, this being the nicest of the lot.

and a needlepoint kit, 100% linen placemats & napkins.

there were four of these in the store, unopened. the little black & gold sticker makes me think they are vintage, but perhaps that is a faulty premise. i think kits like these are a little funny, but why not!

update: i googled Lansburgh's, the name of the store on the price tag of the needlwork kit, and it is a long defunct family owned department store that was in washington, dc. so the kit is indeed an oldie.

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Mediterranean Views said...

OK another memory blast to the past! I remember Lansburghs when we moved to the DC area (Reston VA) in 1971, it closed a couple of years later, not sure how many. Then in College I worked for Garfinkel's, another DC upper end department store, which the MACY conglomerate bought out in the early 90's. I still have and wear a white cotton blous with a Garfinkel's label that was my mother's. More strolling down memory lane. Amy