Saturday, May 17, 2008

suitcase poem XV

ripples radiate from sunk moment
she snatches tumbled lens each shower
a quivering instance breaks levy
what hadn’t now scours what had

old snaps undo luminous garment
sudden locket confirms theory
burnt edges of sepia episode
crumble in bejeweled clutch

a powder tin too late
cracked up bolted chamber
a backward glance too old
she ponders rearview mist

1 comment:

Mediterranean Views said...

I LOVE THIS PHOTO! The multidimension to it, the way I had to study it to figure it out, then the realization that took me back to so many antique shops in small town Virgina or Upsate New York, musty smells, faded brilliance, memories of Grandparents' homes, glimpses into another time and other lives. Thanks for triggering it with the photo. Amy