Thursday, May 22, 2008

wordsy thursday

sorry for the lack in posts. it's been a busy, sleepy week.

on full moon monday i assisted as doula in an amazing natural childbirth. it was such an honor to be there to witness the strength of the laboring mama as she sounded, danced, breathed and floated through her contractions and then pushed with pure womanly power until her beautiful wee child slid into the world. i have never before had a job that promotes such feelings of awe, joy and deep respect. i feel so fortunate and rewarded each time i fill the special role of doula in the childbearing process and i thank the goddess for leading me to this work.

i didn't get home until 5:30am the next day, so tuesday is a bit of a blur.

last night dan and i watched sideways for the first time. it made me want to incorporate the word quaffable into my vocabulary.

yesterday and today i spent the mornings watching tashi's class play, the death of baldur, a norse tale. so lovely, set in a grove at the back of the school yard. a few committed parents cleared it of tall weeds, poison ivy and debris. the kids sang and danced and projected poetic lines. quite entertaining indeed. tashi played the goddess freya. here she is with dan, who is giving her a high five.

thanks to tifanie for leading me to this site where you can round the edges of your photos and do other fun things. this particular blogger template adds the thin border to the photos, which i like for sharp angles, but interferes with the rounded affect.

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