Tuesday, May 13, 2008

may be

while dan was in another country with my camera, i was not able to post a photo of this marvelous shroom tray i found for a buck at the thrift store. i think it's marvelous anyway!

also while dan was away, our lawn grew knee high. our mower is way too heavy for me to haul out of our root cellar. not only that but, it intimidates me. so our lawn grew and grew, and once dan returned, it rained and rained so the lawn was too wet to mow. finally last night it seemed dry enough, so he mowed it down. the front lawn anyway. we kinda like it long with all the wildflowers and plantain, so we left the back lawn as is. it's more like a back meadow.

tashi loved having a long lawn and she was carving out little spaces in it. she also created this cute grass hut for the fairies.

and quite the delicious looking feast.

i made sure to gather up some of the plantain before it was mowed down. i should have made salve, but instead i made plantain ice cubes. first i made an infusion by soaking the chopped up leaves in hot water for 24 hours. then i strained the liquid. then i froze it in ice cube trays. plantain ice cubes are particularly soothing when rubbed on poison ivy. first there is the cold, which numbs the itch. and then there is the soothing plantain, good for the skin. it also cools the sun burn, or any rash. alternately, you can drop some plantain ice cubes into water or tea; it will cool your drink and infuse it with minerals. does anyone know about nature's band aid? got a mosquito bite? pick a plantain leaf, chew it a bit, and then place the masticated blob on your itchy. aaaaa, so soothing. plantain is good green friend. salve is probably best. but when you don't have time to make salve, plantain ice cubes are pretty cool.

two kinds of common plantain

the other day was mayfair at tashi's school. i was a tarot card/animal oracle reader and it was really fun. child after child was finding a familiar in the animal oracle. the earth dragon came up over and over again. all those earthy waldorf kids! and i did a few miraculous three card tarot readings for adults. it was very inspiring and i'm thinking about going into business (i once was in business doing tarot readings, but a busy life took me elsewhere for a while).

tashi's class did the maypole dance. it was really great! take a looksee!

happy may to you all. may your life make a pretty weave.


Cami said...

Thanks for the info on the plantain. I don't know if we have any around here, but now I know what to look for. I envy your knowledge! I'm just starting to educate myself on all our local plants. If you have any words of advice, I'm all ears :)

Molly said...

Awesome maypole dance!!

I drink plantain ice cubes with soda for food poisoning. It stops the vomiting. It's a godsend!!

CountryDew said...

Interesting info on plantain. Most people just think it is a weed.

Carolina said...

Plantain is also wonderful for your hair!