Friday, July 06, 2007

4th of july week in review

on the 4th of july tashi and i had a picnic at ashlawn-highland, the home of james monroe

tashi played colonial games

and then we saw a peacock competing with another.

looks like he's missing the point. . .

we said hi to the ladies

and to ferdinand

and then we left

on to the gig where the audience voted on a name for the band.

some children danced

other's colored mandalas

the ballots were counted. out of about thirty names, there was a three way tie. surfzilla clearly received the loudest applause to break the tie. and so, the band has a name.

the next day an old friend from high school, michele angello (on left), visited with her lovely partner, marla. we ate at himalayan fusion and laughed a lot.

when we came home we looked at my high school scrapbooks. oi. i think i'll put those right back in the basement.

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