Tuesday, July 17, 2007


i found this nice little fairy puzzle for 50% off. tashi and i put it together last night and then she got slap happy. it was bedtime.

this saturday we're going to pile into our car and drive to ann arbor, michigan. my mother lives in ann arbor as well as some dear friends. i haven't been back since we moved two years ago.

after a week in ann arbor we'll head to mackinac island where my brother is getting married.

and then we're going to drive through the u.p. and into wisconsin to drop tashi off in milwaukee where she'll hang with dan's family and her beloved cousins. she is beside herself with excitement. i'm not sure what to think but you better believe dan an i are going to have some date nights when we return to our empty nest in charlottesville!

i realize that i haven't followed up on some things.

1) the toy soldier tashi found was mostly likely made by the barclay mfg co, which introduced a line of toy soldiers in 1932 and remained in business until 1971. we think our guy is from the earlier years. he's had a rough life and wishes for troop withdrawal in iraq.

2) pleats won for the table skirt

i have a lot to do before we depart on saturday. but i can't resist blogging while on the road.

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