Monday, July 09, 2007

ghost dream

i just made a curtain. or maybe table skirt is a more accurate description. i'll talk about it tomorrow. but for now here's a picture of the fabric, which was a quick fix from joann's and not as fun as the more expensive fabric i walked away from. it may have been worth it to spend the extra $4 a yard. anyway, it's a little whimsical and the yellow matches the yellow in our dining room where it is now hanging. but i'm just not so sure. i'll talk about it tomorrow.

last night i had a dream that i lived in a sort of loft like apartment with dan and tashi. there was a wide stairwell running between all the apartments. one walked out the front door of one's apartment onto a stairwell landing where there was picnic table. this was the extent of one's yard. but you could sit at the picnic table and look down the long wide stairwell at the view of a city. i'm not sure how exactly this would work in reality, but it was really quite pleasant in the dream.

the only problem was that the building was haunted. i saw the ghost twice in the dream. he was a clean cut gay guy ghost, i think. he looked just like a living person, but there was a certain quality about him that made me think that he was a ghost. he wasn't exactly frightening. he smiled at me and said hi. but there was something unsettling about him.

so i saw him the first time and returned his greeting and quickly went into my apartment. a neighbor came over to babysit tashi and he was all freaked out. apparently he could see the ghost too. and then some friends arrived; i guess we were all going somewhere. they were sitting outside on the long wide stairwell and the ghost appeared again. he sat down right next to a friend. i said to her, "do you see that guy sitting next to you." she said "no". this confirmed that only i and the babysitting neighbor could see the ghost.

i went back inside and started to look for something to wear on my outing and found all sorts of new clothes in my closet. it wasn't really a closet but a garment rack in the middle of the room. but there were some really groovy trousers and they actually fit me (things haven't been fitting well lately. ugh). as i was getting dressed i talked to dan about the ghost. i said that he seemed friendly enough but that i had a feeling he was going to ask me to carry out a mission. if i screwed up the mission he would become a very angry ghost.

dan was thoughtful about it all, but really, what could he do.

and then i woke up feeling kind of spooked and kind of not spooked.

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