Sunday, July 08, 2007

up until 3am

i used to stay up until 3am partying on a saturday night. but not last night. last night i stayed up until 3am assembling and sewing and stuffing an eccentric stuffed cat.

thanks to michelle russell at green kitchen, i was able to download a free pattern for stripe-y the patchwork cat. i am so grateful for craft bloggers who post patterns. it's a terrific way for newbies like me to try things out. i didn't have on hand wonderful, bright, loosely woven fabrics like michelle's, and was feeling pretty dubious about the fabric scraps i pulled out. but i think this cat turned out ok. michelle said it doesn't matter if the stripes don't match up in the back.

luna thinks she's ok.

and tashi really, really thinks she's ok.

and that's what counts most. tashi has named the cat snuffles and is currently having a breakfast party for all the softies i've made for her (a total of four). nothing could be more pleasing on a tired sunday morning after being up 'til 3am sewing an eccentric cat!


Green Kitchen said...

Yay! I'm so excited! You are the first person to make one. He's so cute, really comfy looking. The photos with your daughter are sweet. Thanks for using the pattern. If you have any suggested changes, let me know.

Bitterbetty said...

cool cat and delightful daughter.
It is so inspiring when someone loves what we make!