Wednesday, July 18, 2007

fire on broad & shamrock

dan and i were watching a movie when suddenly we smelled something burning. we raced around the house, checking tashi, looking for a fire. when we knew the source of it was not within our own home, we went outside. the sleeping neighborhood was under a blanket of smoke. smoke that mingled with the mist of a recent rainfall. i called 911. dan ran down the street. the fire trucks came. i walked part way down the street. with my camera.

am i an insensitive freak and/or a repressed reporter?

no one was injured. the family who lived downstairs, alerted by my husband dan that their building was on fire, cleared out safely with their baby. the family who lived upstairs, where the fire actually broke out and was ripping through the roof, was not home. and now they have no home.

about nine firetrucks came to the scene. the flames were extinguished quickly after their arrival. it is a sad night, but i'm relieved the people are safe.

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