Friday, July 20, 2007

eentsy weentsy kitchen

what am i doing people? we are leaving tomorrow for an eleven day vacation which includes camping and wedding. i should be packing. i should have been out of the house two hours ago running errands. i should be preparing the house for the housesitter. but when a girl wants to take pictures with her digital camera, there's no stopping her. even if they are mundane pictures of her kitchen. which, as i know you've heard me mention, is the size of a walk in closet.

i was holding off on showing the kitchen because i wanted to somehow make it better. first of all, the twink lights burnt out and i wanted to replace them. but heck. someday when it's a new and improved kitchen, you can look back at these old pictures in wonder. but i doubt that day will come. we're renters and so the addition which would make this kitchen at least four time bigger, won't be coming.

but here it is, in its tiny cluttered glory.

this is the in-law shelf. multi-color vase from mother in law. new orleans gargoyles from brother in law. picnic basket from sister in law. red vase is from a friend in law.

the poster over the stove is merely meant to be a splash guard. we make lots of stir fry. it's a romantic poster of libra and her sparrow

thank goodness the frig is set into the wall.

some of the twink lights are working. they make me happy. dan's sister made the beautiful celtic stained glass piece. never mind that it was a wedding present. for him and his first wife. the hanging vegetable baskets are usually full of potatoes and onions and garlic. grocery shopping is one of the errands i have not yet embarked on. must have the house stocked for sitters.

these are cheap little k-mart particle board shelves stacked on top of each other (with view of dining room to the left and cool tibetan-wall-hanging-gift-to-dan-from-tibetan-government-in-exile on right). the shelves hold canned goods, spices, herbs, cook books. sometimes if you bump the shelf it teeters and things crash out on to the tile floor and break. i like the tile floor, but it's hard stuff.

and this my friends is my counter space, on a good day. i don't like the counter. it's made out of some weird plastic like material. but it's better than no counter space. and gotta love those exposed shelves that might fall on my head at any moment.

the light is kind of cute, even though three out of four of the bulbs are burnt out right now.

sometimes i feel like i'm on a houseboat in my kitchen. i'm not sure why. but right now, i really should leave this vessel and go run my errands.

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