Tuesday, July 10, 2007

a table and a piece of cotton fabric

i think i've mentioned that my kitchen is the size of a walk-in closet. there is very little cabinet space and a miniscule portion of counter.

we placed a long table in the adjoining dining room, for the purpose of further counter space. it was also to serve as an area i could sit at to mix and bottle my herbal teas and other delights. but noooo, it just ends up piled with things: mail, toys, tashi's drawings, anything that might not have a place, like a flower press. the cats also love to sit there and look out the window.

there are also piles underneath it. big, cluttery piles that make a virgo cringe every time she walks into her dining room. there are crates full of herbs, jars, camping supplies, overstock food items (you know, when you buy eight jars of organic cranberry nectar because it's on sale at the store). there is a 25 pound bag of cat food, gallon jugs of water (the emergency stock), a basket full of plastic grocery bags (we use them as garbage bags), a paper bag full of paper bags (we gather recycling in them), a couple of coolers. . .

since there is nowhere else for these things to go, i had to make a table skirt. it is something i've been wanting to do for ages. boy do i love working part time!

i feel a little indifferent about it, because it is still something other than the absence of something. but it is certainly better than the clutter. and at least i sat down and got more sewing practice.

i just can't decide whether it looks better all pleaty like a curtain

or more boxy and straight and panel like

any votes?


Sarabeth said...


Anonymous said...

I like it better pleated, too.


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suzanne said...

pleaty, definitely. :)