Thursday, July 19, 2007

potty talk

i have too much to do and nothing to say, so i'm going to give you a tour of my least favorite room in this house, our bathroom.

there is a soap dish above the sink, but it holds stones.

i think the faucet is cute.

the piece on the right is a replica of an ancient greek representation of baubo, a deity known for her boldness. because it is a tiny bathroom with no room for a magazine rack, i put the little basket on the wall to hold some little books.

these little hanuman books fit perfectly in the little basket, and make for good toilet reading.

i like these flower tiles; there are five of them in various spots.

here is a picture of a bathroom in the bathroom. it was taken by local photographer, tim o'kane. i would like to give it a better frame one of these days.

i've had these fish for over two decades and just can't seem to part with them.

this was tashi's night light for a long time. now it helps us find our way into the bathroom in the wee hours.

i haven't shown you the things about the bathroom that i don't like, which includes molding grout around the bathtub, a tile floor that never looks clean no matter how hard you scrub it, a hole in the ceiling where there is supposed to be a light, and lights above the mirror which are groovy, if only they were wired to work. but i will show you the peeling paint.


Cathy said...

There is nothing in my bathroom that is remotely Web-ready. I want to know: Are those books always arranged so neatly? I'm amazed

zoe krylova said...

i spread the books out on the toilet seat for a photo. usually they are akimbo in the basket. and believe me, there are parts of my bathroom that are not web-ready. i gave everyone a very selective view!


Hi! where did you find/purchase those Hanuman Books?

zoe krylova said...

i purchased them a long time ago from small press distribution in berkeley, ca. they may still carry them:


Wow. Just wondering because those books are rare now. I've been checking them out of interlibrary loan. Funny to find them in a blog post about being toilet reading.

Are you, by any chance, interested in selling/trading for them? lol

zoe krylova said...

woolgathering by patti smith makes great toilet reading! but the books no longer live in my bathroom. and i do want to hold onto them!



yeah, I've read Woolgathering. Not sure I can say what makes good toilet reading b/c that's the strangest concept to me. . .a friend told me that his friend read the entirety of Infinite Jest on the toilet! (wow, and how??)

My favorite Hanuman Book so far is the one by Richard Hell. And Cookie Mueller.

Anyway, lucky you for scoring those available copies :)