Monday, August 06, 2007

C is for a Collection of things


Camping is fun! It's the earth out of the box! Eating, sleeping, walking, relaxing on the planet's skin. It is a thrill to set up home in a natural habitat and observe a corner of the deep. Hearing the animals, the birds, checking out the wildflowers and herbs. Sitting around the fire with Dan and Tashi, or pitching a tent in our own backyard, singing, telling stories, reading our books. It is a mixture of fresh air, survival and minimalism. It is also hard work. One of my first big adventures with Dan was an eight mile hike into the Ventana Wilderness off of the rugged California coastline by Big Sur. There is no magic like the magic of the deep forest. We camped there for a couple of nights and came out intensely bonded. I can't seem to camp enough.


I certainly have my moments of lacking it, but I find creativity an essential ingredient in everyday life. From what I write, draw, cook and collage, to the way I approach a situation, creativity keeps things fresh, original, honest. We've supported Tashi's creative impulses and glow with pleasure each time she gives us a tour of a sketchbook, constructs an endearing object, practices her violin or sings her own personal opera. Some of the songs dan covers or has written make me melt. I believe that everyone has the spark of creativity in them, it's just a matter of letting it catch fire -- sometimes a scary proposition. I definitely have my struggle with keepng the embers lit. But something inside me suffers without a sustained submersion, without an active engagement in the realm of creativity and creation.


Where I was born. Where my mother was born. Where her father was born. Where I have uncles, aunts, cousins and friends. A country occupied. A country of coastline and mountains. A country of spectacular food. A country where I might see myself living someday, but for the turmoil. A country where I would love to occupy a tiny villa overlooking the sea, near cedars, growing herbs and spending each and every day writing. But for devastation. Cyprus, the Goddess connection. The connection to olive oil and grilled foods. The connection to swimming and sunshine and sand. The connection to light.

Clear Thought:

A goal.

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