Tuesday, August 07, 2007

a regular post!

it's been a whirlwind of days. we returned from our michigan road trip late last tuesday without our child who is in milwaukee until this weekend when dan flies in to scoop her up.

our old pal from san francisco, ann, otherwise known as sonic, showed up on thursday. this has resulted in many late nights and much silliness.

over the weekend dan and i got away for a mini honeymoon in the allegheny mountains. hwy 250, which is main street in charlottesville, goes up through the blue ridge and into the allegheny mountains of west virgina. it meets up with hwy 219 which runs all the way up to buffalo and through bradford, pa, the town i grew up in. this is a sort of mythical thing to me. the hwy which passes through the town i live in now, connects with the hwy that passes through my childhood town. i guess i've been away a long time.

so we camped south of the point where 250 meets 219, and the next day drove to that point. it was a gorgeous drive through mountain vistas, old victorian towns, great farms, big sky. we stopped off at artisan and antique shops. we found a great private camp spot in the watoga state park, next to a creek, under tall trees, with a big meadow across from our tent site. we had a huge homestyle meal the next day at the river restaurant in marlinton, wv. and we drove home through blinding rain showers and a sky of powder grey.

more fun with sonic continues. . .

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