Monday, August 20, 2007

L is for Look

look at my new header. it's a little stretched. look at luna cat on the right and tashi flopped out in the hammock on the left. i've been wanting to put my own header up there for a long time, but really didn't know how to. dan helped me tonight. yay dan. yay new header. yay photos that we can look into.

i love to look around. one of my favorite things is taking a walk at twilight when houselights start to come on and you can get a glimpse into people's lairs before they draw the curtains. when dan and i take walks i'm always stopping him to look at gardens, architectural details, storefront window displays, strange juxtapositions. walks to me are about looking around.

i like to look inside galleries, bookstores, resale shops. i like to look at people. sometimes i just sit at a cafe and stare at people coming and going.

lately i've been looking at the tv screen more than i ever have. some friends told me to rent episodes of "six feet under" because they figured i'd like it. i just finished the first season. certain tv tainted soap operatic aspects of it really creep me out. but i'm sorta hooked and i keep on looking.

i like to look at shirley's pig collection and margo's bell collection and my mother's delicious greek feasts. i like to look at what people display in their homes, the way they arrange the furniture, the light splashing through a sheer curtain.

i like to look at my daughter when she's concentrating on a project, when she's splashing in the water, when she's erupting with silliness, when she's sleeping like the purest angel. i like to look at my husband when he's on a stage strumming his bass, when he's erupting with silliness along with tashi, when he's lost in a book, when he's walking up the sidewalk toward me. i like to look at my husband when he's looking at me.

i never get sick of looking at my loves.

i like to look at the walls, the cracks in the walls, the peeling paint. i like to look at my cats who like to look through walls. i like to look at a campfire, some cows, ripples on water.

i like to look at collages by jess and wallace berman and assemblages by george herms and photographs by sally mann. i like to look at the amazing craft blogs out there. i like to look at craft that has merged with fine art. i like to look at good poets reading good poetry in front of attentive audiences. i like to look at my friends sitting around a table looking at each other and talking.

i like to look at a storm rolling in. the sunrise. the sunset. i like to look at life unfolding. the unfolding folding. the layers and pockets and crevices and punctures.

our ability to look is one of the bigger things we might take for granted. what do you like to look at?


Laura_M said...

Tomatoes on the vine, the sunlight on rippled water, dragonfly wings, the stars above and my true love!

ing said...

I like to look up into the sky, at a bird, at a blimp, at the fog rolling in. I would love to see a UFO, though if I really did, I suppose I'd be fearful. When I look up I hope for things.

I like to look at Sally Mann photos, too. Her children seem older than old, in a way.

Found you while browsing. Hope you don't mind the intrusion. I like what I read!

Amy said...

I Love your L - Look piece. See my intro comment on your Saturday Solitude entry.
I love to look at sunrises and sunsets, my daughters when they don't know I'm looking, my husband almost always, art, creative photographs, the sea, the mountains and their trees and creatures...of course good writing!
Amy from Mediterranean Views