Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I is for Imagiste

i wrote down the word and then found myself pulling hilda doolittle books off of the poetry shelf. i placed them on my desk and decided that there they would remain. on my desk in front of the window beside my computer. gazing out as i type. reminding me of another word that begins with i. inspiration.

Now polish the crucible
and in the bowl distill

a word most bitter, marah,
a word bitterer still, mar,

sea, brine, breaker, seducer,
giver of life, giver of tears;

Now polish the crucible
and set the jet of flame

under, till marah-mar
are melted, fuse and join

and change and alter,
mer, mere, mère, mater, Maia, Mary,

Star of the Sea,

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